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Top 5 PS4 exclusive games you should try right now

Top 5 PS4 exclusive games you should try right now

2018 has been a fruitful year for owners of PlayStation consoles and perhaps not so much for games who chose the Xbox. 

2018 has been a fruitful year for owners of PlayStation consoles and perhaps not so much for games who chose the Xbox.  Although the latter did have its fair share of exclusives this year, there’s still no news of the coveted Gears of War 5 and Halo Infinite, whereas PlayStation has been keeping gamers busy with some of the best releases we’ve seen in a while.


Whether you’re ready to trade in your Xbox for a PS4, or you’ve just switched to PS4 recently, these games will definitely guarantee hundreds of hours of immersive play time.


#1. God of War

10/10 ign

94% Metacritic

9/10 gamespot

Genre: action-adventure


God of War sold 5 million copies worldwide, making it the 4th best-selling game on PS4 and one of the best things to have happened to the franchise since its launch in 2005. The latest instalment sticks close to the mechanics that fans know and love, but uses open-world RPG elements to make the story of Kratos (who is now in equal parts murder machine and sympathetic father figure) more compelling. The setting shifts from ancient Greek mythology to the Norse realms, which the mind-blowing graphics depict beautifully and meticulously. The combat is fluid and satisfying, the skill trees fun to work through and the overall rhythm of the game feels natural and balanced. Simply put, God of War is a gorgeous game that has all it takes to become a classic among PlayStation exclusives and not only.


#2. Marvel’s Spider-Man

8.7/10 ign.com

87% Metacritic

9/10 gamespot

Genre: action-adventure


Launched right in the midst of the superhero bubble, Marvel’s Spider-Man doesn’t feel like a superhero video game – and that’s a good thing, because when the bubble bursts, this game will hold up. More than being just about superheroes, Spider-Man is a wonderful, fun game that immerses into the bustling world of New York City and gives you plenty of things to do. The graphics are simply amazing and the gameplay pulls you in from the first minutes. Whether you want to enjoy the sleek combat system or just climb on skyscrapers and play with the photo mode for hours, Spider-Man doesn’t disappoint.


#3. Detroit: Become Human

8/10 ign

78% Metacritic

7/10 gamespot

Genre: adventure


Detroit: Become Human tackles a current theme: the freedom of thought of artificial intelligence. The story, which takes place in 2038, follows three androids who break free from the system and blend in with humans. The graphics are beautiful and the neo-noir atmosphere is gripping enough to be memorable, but it’s moral choices where Detroit truly shines. In this game, you can make choices for the characters and every detail influences the outcome in ways that are often haunting.


#4. Bloodborne  

9.1/10 ign

92% Metacritic

9/10 gamespot

Genre: 3rd person action RPG


From the creators of Dark Souls comes a game that will require you to pay just as much attention to your surroundings. The story of Bloodborne takes place in the gothic city of Yharnam and you play a customizable character who has to find the source of a mysterious blood borne disease, fighting monsters and beasts along the way. Drawing from Dark Soul’s tense atmosphere and sometimes insane boss difficulty, Bloodborne is no game for casuals and will definitely have you trying to beat the same enemy for hours – and when you do, you will remember that fight for a long time.


#5. Horizon Zero Dawn

9.3/10 ign

89% Metacritic

9/10 gamespot

Genre: action RPG


Horizon Zero Dawn takes an overly circulated premise – postapocalyptic wasteland – and makes you look at it from a fresh perspective. In this game, you play as Aloy, a charismatic and likable lead who is one of the survivors in the wasteland and go on a journey to uncover her past. Primitive tribes cohabitate with remnants of war machines in a massive open-world experience that you can capture with the beautiful Kodak-powered photo mode. 


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