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If the questions below still don't answer your query, please contact our Customer Service team on [email protected] and they will be happy to help.


Selling Queries

1. Are there a minimum number items and games I can sell to you?

No! The more items you sell, the more cash you make.

2.  Is the price quoted the value I will get?

All items that are received by are checked for quality. This includes examination for scratches that stop the item playing, having a full set of sleeve notes and ensuring the case is not badly damaged. If you are not sure if your items will pass quality control you may still send them in but the item fails our valuation process you can choose for us to recycle it or we can return it back to you for a fee of £15 or we may offer a re-valuation.

3. Do you buy games or other items without a case or box?

We buy games and other items without cases, instructions and boxes.

4.  What happens if you reject something I send you?

In some instances we have to reject items sent to us due to damage. If this happens we reserve the right not to pay for rejected items.  If your item fails our valuation process you can choose for us to recycle it, for a fee of £15 we can return it back to you or we may offer a re-valuation.

5. Some of my items are in a poor condition, will you still accept them?

 If they do not meet our general terms and conditions this cannot be guaranteed.  If unsure please refer to our full terms and conditions.

6. Do you pay more for items that have never been opened or used?

We no longer pay more for unopened items.

7. Can I sell you multiple copies of the same item?

You can only sell up to two copies of the same item per household and IP address. If we suspect that you are selling more two items through a different account your sell order will be canceled. If you have a bulk amount of a particular item to sell please email [email protected]

8. Will you send my unacceptable items back?

 If your item fails our valuation process you can choose for us to recycle or for a fee of £15 we can return it back to you, in some circumstances we may offer a re-valuation.  Please make sure you read our terms and conditions page details.

9.  I forgot to include some items in my parcel. What should I do?

If you have forgotten to include some items in your parcel please contact the customer services team or email [email protected]

10.  Can I add more items to my order?

 Once you have completed your transaction you are unable to add additional items to it. Please create a new order for any additional items.

Postage Queries

1. Who pays shipping costs?

For each item you add to the basket, you will receive postage credit.

2. I don’t live in the UK. Can I still sell you my goods online?

Yes! But we can pay only via Paypal.

3. I think the Royal Mail has lost my items?

If you think that your parcel has been lost in post, please contact our customer services team [email protected] and we will help you make a claim.

Payment Queries

1.  How do I get paid and when will I get my money?

 Once we have accepted and processed your items, we will pay you via your PAYPAL, Bank Transfer account or  send you a cheque by post. We will dispatch your cheque within 2 days of receiving your goods and it may take around 7 working days to be delivered to you.

4.  I have sent in my goods. Why have I still not received my payment?

It is possible that we have not yet received all of your items at this time. If you sent in your items in more than one pack it may be possible that they have not yet all arrived even if you posted them at the same time. In some instances a parcel may have been lost in post. If this has happened we can assist you in making a claim.

General Queries

1. Can’t find my item?

At our aim is to help you get the cash from your unwanted items. That’s why we will provide an offer on any working product not listed on our site. If you don’t see your item, use our can’t find my item form and we’ll research it and let you know if we can make you an offer within 72 hours however we may not be able to collect certain items free of charge depending on weight.

2.  How do I view my order status and order history?

Please Sign in to your account and you will be able to access this information from the 'My Account' menu.

3. How long do I have to send out my items?

There is no time limit on sending in the items once the order has been confirmed. However if the order is not received within 10 calendar days the trade in value might be different.

4.  Which games formats do you accept? accepts  Playstation 3  (PAL/region 2), Xbox 360  (PAL/region 2), Nintendo Wii  (PAL/region 2), Nintendo DS  (PAL/region 2), PSP  (PAL/region 2), Nintendo 3DS (PAL/region 2), PS Vita (PAL/region 2)

5.  Do you accept ex-rental Games or Games marked Rental Only? is able to accept Games marked for rental but please email [email protected] to arrange.

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