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Razer Raiju Controller

  • Item has no scratches or may have few light cosmetic damage
  • Any interference to item is not acceptable
  • Not liquid or physically damaged
  • Item must work perfectly
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Designed for eSports

When it comes to console gaming, your controller is the most crucial weapon in your arsenal.

Every component of the Razer Raiju for PlayStation 4 has been optimised to give you every possible competitive advantage—from four additional fully-programmable buttons, to the weight and shape of the controller, and even a Quick Control Panel. Made from incredibly durable materials and extensively tested by eSports athletes, dominate your game with this unrivalled controller.

Four additional programmable Buttons for personalised control layouts

The Razer Raiju for PlayStation 4 features a total of four Multi-Function Buttons—two bumpers at the shoulders and two removable triggers on the underside. You can individually remap each of the Multi-Function Buttons to any other action buttons found on the controller, so you have absolute freedom to dominate with your winning configuration.

Ergonomic shape and weight favored by top eSports athletes

To ensure undisputable gaming comfort, extensive research was done, and multiple iterations of this controller have been rigorously tested by prominent eSports athletes. As a result, the Razer Raiju has a chassis that not only perfectly accommodates the touchpad, but stays comfortable for use even in the most intense of battles.

Quick Control Panel for easy profile and audio customisation

From toggling between profiles to adjusting both game and chat volume settings, the Quick Control Panel gives you easy access to a whole range of functions. Conveniently located between the grips, you can simply switch your preferences while gaming without taking your hands off the controller.

Reinforced materials for unrivaled reliability

With aircraft grade aluminium Multi-Function Triggers and high carbon steel analog stick necks, the Razer Raiju for PlayStation 4 is unmatched in durability.

Adjustable triggers for more speed on-demand

The Razer Raiju features Trigger Stops, made to reduce the travel distance of each trigger from 18 degrees to merely 5 degrees—an incredible decrease of over 70%.

3.5 mm combined port for stereo audio and microphone

Brace yourself for a truly immersive experience without having to connect your headset to your screen or console.

The Razer Raiju for PlayStation 4 comes equipped with a 3.5 mm port that allows you to plug your headset in for both stereo audio as well as communicating with your team mates.


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