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Sell your iPad for Cash!

The launch of the iPad several years ago heralded the arrival of the tablet computer. Now that newer models have entered the market, why not trade in your iPad for cash!

It was the must-have gadget for a generation – but just like so many other tech trends – newer iPads have left older models somewhat out of fashion.

If you find yourself wanting to upgrade, then get cash for your iPad to put towards a newer model – it’s easily done by selling iPad online.

Maybe you already own the latest model and just don’t use it as much as you thought you might? Don’t just leave it lying around collecting dust – sell your iPad for cash.

In fact, the newer the model, the more money you’ll be able to sell your iPad for.

Sounds good! But how do I sell my iPad online?

At, we’ve made it easy for you to trade in an iPad. So whatever model you own – be it an iPad 2 16GB or an iPad 3 32GB – you’ll find it listed on our site.
Simply find your model then hit the ‘Sell now’ button to begin the process. We’ll quote you a price, then you just send us the item via Freepost and we’ll pay you.

And that’s really the beauty of trading in an iPad with us. It’s fast, easy and you get paid in cash for your iPad – not vouchers, discounts or exchanges – cash!

Recycling your iPad with Apple would only get you credit towards a new iPad.

How much cash could I get if I sell my iPad?

Dependent on the type of iPad you own (and its condition), you could be looking at as more than £300!


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