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Get valuation

1. Enter the item name and get a valuation

Enter a name of your item you wish to sell into our intuitive search box. Once you’ve found your item, select the accessories you are sending with it and/or format of it using the tick boxes Press ‘Calculate’ and we will give you the very best possible price based on the current market value. When you have finished simply click on the checkout button.


2. Print out your label and Packing Slip

Print out a label to attach to your parcel, choose a shipping option and send us your items - postage credit will be applied . Please also print out your packing slip and put this inside your parcel. If you don't have a printer, write our address and trade-in number onto the outside of your parcel and post it to us.

Post your items

3. Post your items

Pack your games into a envelope or box and attach your label to the outside of your package. It is very important to pack your items into one parcel so we can process your games and send your payment as quickly as possible. You should obtain a proof of postage from the post office for large orders. See “how to post your items”


4. Receive your cash

Once we have accepted and processed your items, we will pay you via Bank transfer or Paypal. So sit back and wait for your cash to arrive.


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