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Far Cry 5 Xbox One


* Disc may have few minor scratches
* Must include disc/cartridge, manual, case, artwork, bundled accessories
* Case, manual and artwork can show wear from normal use
* Not liquid or physically damaged
* Game is PAL | Region 2 format in English

Not Acceptable Eligibility Criteria

* Game does not play perfectly
* Disc is cracked
* Promo or Marked Not for Resale

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Welcome to Hope County, Montana
Lead a home-grown resistance against a dangerous cult in open-world, first-person action shooter Far Cry 5.
By land, road or plane - retake Hope County your way
When the Project at Eden’s Gate - a band of doomsday cultists determined to save souls, willingly or not - accelerates its stronghold of Hope County, Montana, the trapped locals have two choices - accept salvation or give them hell.
Rise up alongside the local townsfolk and drive out both the marauding cultists and their charismatic leaders; Joseph Seed and his three siblings, 'the Heralds'. Enlist the help of ordinary folk, take up arms alongside them and fight back against the oppressive cult to restore their freedom.
Ubisoft Montreal is pushing the boundaries of its signature series and redefining some of the core elements that underpin it: from exploration and story progression to multiplayer and co-op.
Guns for hire
Throughout Hope County, rebellious factions are waiting to join you in a push-back against the cultists. Rescue them, recruit them to the resistance effort and fight back together. Allies come in all forms- enlist friends to join your game in co-op play or team up with faithful animal companions like Boomer the dog and Cheeseburger the brown bear, who'll aid in their own ways.
A homegrown threat
Set foot into a war that's been 15 years in the making. Led by self-annointed prophet Joseph Ceed, the fanatics of the Project at Eden's Gate ('Peggies', as the locals call them) have been amassing weaponry, supplies and members as they prepare to wage a hostile takeover.
As a newly-recruited police deputy, it'll be up to you to lead locals in the fight against the cultists and their ringleaders. How and when you strike, who you choose to liberate and who you leave behind will shape events around you.
Roam free
There's no one way to liberate the people of Hope County. After securing your base of operations on Dutch's Island, it's up to you to find your own path. Discover local points of interest by exploring, talking to locals, following up on leads or helping out those in need.
The adventure will unfold organically, whether you're raiding a patrol station or stopping for a spot of fishing - everything you do builds your experience and drives The Resistance.
Full co-op play
When you’re trying to take down an insidious cult that has gripped a small town in its violent clutches, it’s nice to have a friend along for the ride. Far Cry 5's entire campaign has been designed to support co-op play. Cruise the countryside in a pickup, have wicked aerial dogfights or lead on-foot assaults on key locations - whatever you do, you can take a friend.


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