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The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid video game console, designed for versatile game play. It was launched in 2017 as a response to the increased demand for mobile gaming. It can either be plugged into a TV or monitor at home and played like a standard console; or packed up and used as a tablet thanks to its LCD screen. 
Legendary characters like Zelda and Mario have made the Switch a popular and acclaimed console. As well as this, Nintendo Switch accessories are sophisticated and designed for superb game play, and its wireless Joy Con controller already has iconic status. With 22 million users, there’s a great market for used Switch accessories. If you have a Nintendo Switch controller or case to sell, we’d love to hear from you. 

Trade In Your Nintendo Switch Controller 

As well as the Joy Con, the Switch also supports a more traditional gamepad controller. These ergonomic controllers are comfortable to use, and are ideal for gamers used to playing with DualShocks and similar devices. Features on the Pro Control include HD rumble and motion controls for an immersive experience. 
If you want to “switch” up your controller, or simply want to sell your old one on, please get in touch with us. We’ll offer you a competitive price for a used Nintendo Switch controller in good condition.

Get The Best Price For Your Nintendo Switch Joy Con 

The hand-held Joy Con has a directional analogue stick for great responsive and accurate game play. This two-part controller can be used by a single gamer or divided and shared by a pair of players. As up to eight Joy Cons can be used with a single Switch console at the same time, many players like to keep a few spares handy for when friends drop in. What could be better than picking up a few pre-owned Joy Cons? 
The Nintendo Switch Joy Con comes in a choice of colours, including fabulous neons; and if you have a look at our list above, you’ll see that we buy a whole spectrum of shades. 

Sell Your Nintendo Switch Case

As a portable console, a case is a must-have accessory for the Switch player on the move. We buy tough carry cases from Nintendo and HORI, designed to protect the console while it’s in transit. There’s also a larger bag, which the case tucks into along with the controllers and chargers. If you own either of these items and you’re thinking of selling them on, have a look at our great prices.
Ready to sell? Have a look at our list of Nintendo Switch accessories, find the one you want to trade, and click through to the product page. We’ll give you a competitive price, and selling your used Switch accessories couldn’t be easier.
If you can’t find your specific item on the list, go to the “Cannot Find My Item” page and get in touch with us. We’re ready and waiting to buy your quality, used Nintendo Switch accessories.

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