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The PlayStation 4 (PS4 to its friends) was launched in 2013, Sony’s eighth-gen answer to the Nintendo Wii U and the Xbox One. With its powerful processor and online gaming systems, it quickly became a popular console among gamers, and was seen as a big step up from the PS3. It also doubles as a Blu-ray and DVD player.
With over 80 million PS4 gamers across the world, there’s a huge market for pre-owned PS4 accessories. Sony introduced the PlayStation 4 Pro in 2016; however with no PS5 in the immediate offing, the PS4 remains the latest model: another reason why the used market is so buoyant. If you have any PS4 accessories to sell, including controllers, cameras, stands and headsets, please contact us for a competitive quote.

Sell Your PS4 Controller

With ultra-sensitive controls, the new PS4 controller is a great improvement on the PS3 edition. The new DualShock 4 is ergonomic and comfortable, and offers great responsive game play. The new Share button gives quick access to the console’s social features. There’s a great market for used DualShocks, and they’re available in a fantastic range of eye-catching colours…
We also buy Hori Onyx and Razer Raiju PS4 compatible controllers, which many gamers swear by. Also, if you have a Force Feedback Wheel you no longer require, we’re keen to hear from you.

Trade In Your PS4 Camera

A used PS4 camera is a popular purchase among gamers who want to take their gaming experience to the next level, but would rather not pay the new price tag. We will buy your second hand PS4 camera provided it is in good condition and full working order.
Trade In For Cash is an environmentally friendly company, so if we can’t upsell your item we’ll recycle it in a responsible way. So why not see what your PS4 camera is worth today? You may be pleasantly surprised by its used market value.

Get The Best Price For Your PlayStation VR Headset

With the rise in popularity of online multiplayer platform games such as Fortnite, a good PS4 VR headset has become a must-have gaming accessory. A built-in mic allows easy hands-free comms with fellow gamers, while wireless models are perfect for those who can’t sit still. A PlayStation VR headset isn’t just for platform gaming: it’s an essential for anyone who wants immersive play and appreciates exceptional audio quality.
If you’ve upgraded your VR headset or simply have one to sell on, please get in touch with us. We buy a whole range of gaming headsets, and offer some of the most competitive rates available online.
Why wait? Have a look at the list above, find your PS4 accessory, and click through to the product page. You’ll get a competitive price, and our clear instructions will make selling your accessory really simple.
Can’t find your PS4 accessory on the list? Go to the “Cannot Find My Item” page and drop us a line. We’re here to make selling your PS4 accessory quick and easy – and we’ll always give you a highly competitive rate.

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