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It's very easy to sell PS Vita Console with TradeInForCash

Is it time to sell your old PS Vita or your PS Vita Slim?  
TradeInForCash buys all used games consoles for cash including your previously loved PS Vita console and your PS Vita Slim. 
We’re gamers, we know the facts. There’s no doubt that you spent out a lot to buy that PS Vita Console in the first place. Respecting your assets, we offer the best possible price to you. As a leading website that buys games consoles, games and used electronics, we are known for our great prices.

We cover the postage for your console

The good thing is, is that you can even send your PS Vita to us free of charge. Once we’ve received it, we will give it a good old-fashioned inspection, and just as long as it meets our expectations, then we will pay you fast via PayPal, check or bank transfer.

Just like you, we love gaming. But when it comes down to it, it's  the same for all of us. After spending all that money on the latest console release, we sit down comfie and have a real blast on it for years. Then when it is no part of our gaming life, we know it must go. You've probably got it sitting up on a shelf like an ornament, gathering dust.  

“Should I sell my PS Vita Slim?”

The toughest part about all of this is deciding if you can let it go. One of our clients recently wrote into us and said this.

"When I first thought about whether I wanted to sell my PS Vita Slim, I thought 'no, I don't'. I'd had so much fun with it in the past. But truly.. it was just sitting there on my television stand like a dust-trap. My girlfriend kept making comments about whether I was going to save it to hand down to my grandchildren as an antique in fifty years-time."

Who else wants fast cash for their PS Vita console? 

If you trade in your PS Vita you can get some cash and spend it on more games, a holiday or even that new tablet you wanted. What you might not be aware of is that when you sell your PS Vita console, not only do you get the cash, but you also empower somebody else to really enjoy playing with a PS. What gamer doesn't want to help a fledgling gamer get started? The best bit is that it's so easy to do! 

When you trade in your PS Vita with us, we give you a price for it in mere seconds. No matter whether you have a PS Vita to trade in, an old iPad or you want to sell some gaming accessories, then we can help. All we ask is that they are in good condition so that somebody else would enjoy using them.

If you've been using your console as a stepladder to change the lightbulb, something to break up ice cubes with for your cola or as a chisel to remove chewing gum from your shoe, then we won't accept them. You can discover more about our preferences in our condition guidelines. 

By the way, make sure you remove the parental lock or the security pin to prevent delayed payments.


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