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Electronics giants Samsung make some of the world’s favourite mobile phones. Their range includes the flagship Galaxy S models and the Galaxy Note collection of “phablets” (a cross between a smartphone and a tablet). Users wanting a great value version can try the Galaxy A phones, and there’s also the entry-level J series.
Samsung’s mobiles use the Google-produced Android operating system. The original touch screen user interface was called TouchWiz, which has since been changed to Samsung Experience. Galaxy Note has the added benefit of stylus operation as well as the typical touch screen. Sleek, light and with a choice of glossy finishes, Samsung lead the way in good-looking mobiles, competing with Apple in the style stakes.

We Buy Samsung Mobiles

There has been a huge range of mobile phones produced by this prolific company, and we’re interested to hear from you whichever model you own. Unsurprisingly, there’s a buoyant used market for these popular smartphones. If you’re thinking of upgrading your mobile, have a look at our competitive prices.
Ever since it was launched in 2010, the Galaxy S range has been a popular choice for those who value superb tech and don’t want to go down the iPhone route. We can offer the best online prices for a range of Samsung models, from 2017’s much-praised S8, with its larger screen and facial recognition, to the mid-range J series editions that make ideal first phones.

Trading In Samsung Phones

As well as the letter series of Samsung smartphones, users were introduced to the Galaxy Note phone in 2011. At the time, its 5.3” screen seemed massive; however, as we now know, this was to become the future of smartphones, and the Note range was genuinely groundbreaking. It sold over a million units in its first two months, and over nine series has continued to be a well-liked phablet.
If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note or other smartphone to sell, have a look at the list above and check out our competitive rates. If you still have the original official charger then that’s even better (although please note, we buy only UK or EU formats). Unlocked mobiles will always attract a higher purchase price; however, we do still buy phones that are locked to networks.

Sell Your Samsung Galaxy Mobile Today

When it’s time to upgrade to your next smartphone, selling your unwanted, current mobile is the obvious thing to do. With customers waiting to buy pre-owned Samsung mobiles, it makes sense to check out our competitive purchase prices.
How do you go about selling your Samsung Galaxy mobile or Note? Have a look at our list of models (and get in touch if you don’t see the right one), then click on it to find out more about that particular product and what sort of condition we expect it to be in. Once you’ve described the condition from a drop-down menu, we’ll give you a quote. Then, it’s over to you. Deal?

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