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Sell my PS4

Are you are looking to sell PS4! It’s Simple with us.

Whether you want to upgrade to a new console (like the PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro) or you’ve outgrown gaming altogether, TradeinforCash makes it incredibly easy to sell your PS4.

I Want to Sell My PS4 and Upgrade

Gaming technology continues to grow and change, offering exciting new opportunities for gamers to expand their skills and enjoy an immersive new experience through new developments in gaming consoles.

Of course, we’re talking about Sony’s recent release of the brand-new PS4 Pro, a console that gives discerning gamers access to 4K gaming abilities and support for lightning-fast framerates.

The PS4 Pro still plays standard PS4 games, so upgrading will still allow you to access your old favorites, but the new generation of games provide eye-popping graphics and realistic action like never before.

Sony also revised their standard PS4 model with the updated PS4 Slim — a modern, sleek design that gives you the PS4 game experience with an upgraded console design.

Whether you want to trade in your PS4 for a PS4 Pro or the PS4 Slim, TradeinforCash can give you the best PS4 trade-in value with our simple, intuitive trade-in system.

PS4 Trade-In — Fast, Easy Cash

It’s never been easier to sell your PS4.

First, you’ll head over to our Offers page and click on the PS4 box, or, if you have a PS4 Pro trade-in, you’ll find that console photo on the page and click on it.

In fact, if you have any other gaming equipment you’d like to trade in, just type the appropriate name into our intuitive search box and go directly to the item.

Next, select your item’s condition.

Now, click the checkout button. You’ll be taken to a screen where you’ll be able to print a label for free shipping for your parcel, along with a packing slip to put inside.

No printer? No worries. Just write your address and order number on the outside of the parcel and post it to us.

After you post your items and we’ve accepted and processed them, we’ll get your money to you right away via Paypal, bank transfer, or by cheque — your choice.

Other Reasons to Trust TradeinforCash with Your Old Gaming Equipment

We take our commitment to bringing you the best PS4 trade-in value in the UK very seriously.

In fact, we pride ourselves on giving full, honest valuation for all of the goods we accept — from cameras to laptops to iPhones.

Once you experience how fast and easy it is to get cash for your cast-off electronic items, you’ll want to use us for all your trade-in needs.

Other reasons customers love doing business with TradeinforCash include:

1. We’re Eco-Responsible

We don’t simply junk unwanted, old gaming consoles.

We reuse and recycle them in an eco-friendly and responsible way, so you can be confident your old equipment is not just contributing more garbage to a landfill.

2. You Get Paid FAST

We don’t dawdle when it comes to valuing your equipment and getting that cheque in the mail — or better yet, transferring your money by PayPal or directly into your bank account.

We know you have lots of things you want to spend your cash on — new games, new consoles, or even a 4K television!

3. Worry-free Shipping

We know shipping can be a bother, so we give you your choice of getting free post, free collection, or even postage credit.

And all of your goods are insured during transit, so you don’t have to worry about lost or mishandled parcels.

Having choices and being protected are just two of the ways we reinforce our commitment to providing you with the best customer service available.

4. Customers Give Us High Marks

We have hundreds of stellar reviews from our customers who know that we’ll give you a PS4 trade-in price that’s honest, direct, and, above all — competitive.

Part of the reason customers are so pleased with their TradeinforCash experience is that we’re all about making things easy. Our website is easy and intuitive, and our trade-in process is smooth and simple.

Don’t Wait — Get Cash for Your Old PS4 (or Other Electronics) Now!

With a process this easy, there’s no reason to delay getting cash for your PS4 trade-in right away.

You might find it so simple you’ll want to gather up all your electronic cast-offs and send them in for fast, easy money.

Just click here, type in the name of the items you’re trading in our intuitive search bar and let’s get started!


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