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Sell your PS2 Games with TradeInForCash

The PS2 is arguably one of the most popular gaming consoles in the video games history. The Sony product was released in early 2000s, and dominated the market for more than a decade, with over 150 million purchases globally between 2001 and 2013. During this period over 1.5 billion games were released exclusively for the PS2 console, meaning there was at least something for every video game enthusiast. 

PlayStation 2 addicts spent hours playing some of the greatest sporting, arcade and classic games inspired by 90’s athletes, movies and celebs. You probably stocked a wide selection of various game series on your shelf including the Dance Fest, Juiced, LEGO Batman, Need for Speed, Fifa 2012, and Seek & Destroy among others. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and PS2 games have been overtaken by new technology. After almost 2 decades of fun, it is probably the time to trade in PS2 games that you have piled in your collection. As a matter of fact, you must have upgraded to PS3 or PS4, and no longer need the old games unless for nostalgia.

TradeInForCash: Hassle-free Way to Sell Your Old PS2 Games

At TradeInForCash, it is super easy and quick to trade in games online at the best prices. If you still cling to those old PS2 game, this is the best chance to clean up your shelves, and make easy money. It is an absolutely hassle-free means to get rid of unwanted PS2 games, earn, and at the same time take care of the environment. We know no limitation. You can sell any type of games including action, racing, shooting, strategy and platform games in the simplest way ever.

Why TradeInForCash

We understand the hassle of selling games through online auction website, and the high cost of listing that is why we are here to save your day. We give you the opportunity to sell PS2 games at no cost. If you are looking for the most convenient way to sell games online, here is why you need to consider TradeInForCash:

·       Simple and stress-free trade ins for any type of PS2 games.

·       Best game trade in prices ever.

·       Convenient and safe payment methods.

·       Free shipment/ postage.

·       World class customer service.

Where do you start?

1.     Search and Value Your Old Game

Use the intuitive search box at the top-right corner of the page to get a valuation of the game by entering the name of the game you wish to trade. Once you find the game, click to see the condition, and if the old PS2 game meets the conditions, continue and click the ‘sell it’ button.

2.     Print out the label and packaging slip

Print a legible quality of the label to stick or attach to the parcel, as well as the packing slip to put inside the parcel. Alternatively, write our address and the order number clearly on the packaging envelop or box and post the parcel to us.

3.     Post the Parcel

Pack the old PS2 game(s) into one box or envelop, and confirm the hand written or attached label address is clear. If your trade in games are more than one, it is important to pack them into one parcel to enhance the order processing and payment speed. Also, make sure that you obtain a postage proof from the post office or the shipping agency.

4.     Get your cash

Once TradeInForCash processes and accepts your games, you will receive your cash through the bank, PayPal or cheques within 6 days upon receipt.

What if your old PS2 game is not found through search?

If you cannot find your game through search, it means the game could be missing from the categories listed on the site. You can still sell games that are not listed by filling in your details and the game specifics in the form provided on cannot find my item page


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