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The original Samsung Galaxy Tab was introduced in 2010, and was the first tablet to be powered by Android. Samsung have since launched several more editions, and have also branched out into “phablets” such as the Note (as the name suggests, a cross between a smartphone and a tablet).
In competition with Apple, the Samsung collection is sleek, comes in a range of stylish finishes and offers a choice of storage, screen and connectivity options. These are popular devices, ranging from the original, groundbreaking 7” tablet (later renamed the Galaxy Tablet 7.0) up to the sophisticated Pro series.

Sell Your Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro And Tab Pro S

The Tab Pro and its successor the Tab Pro S were introduced to bring Samsung’s devices to the higher end of the tablet market. The rear camera on 2014’s Tab Pro was amped up to 8mp, and the Super Clear LCD screen gave superb clarity and contrast. The 2016 Tab Pro S was Samsung’s first Windows-run 2-in-1 device and has a folio keyboard, opening it up to a range of uses.
If you’re upgrading your tablet and have a Tab Pro or Tab Pro S that you don’t need any more, please get in touch with us. We offer highly competitive prices, and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you’ll get for your Samsung Tablet.

Get The Best Price For Your Samsung Note Tablet

Do you have a Samsung Note Tablet to sell? These sophisticated devices have a market ready-and-waiting. Aimed at high-end users, the Note phone was launched first in 2011, with the 8” tablet format following a year later. The Samsung Note Tablet is a “pen computer”, meaning it can be operated by stylus.
Like the Galaxy Tab, the Note has been through a number of iterations since 2012. There are the 10.1” screen editions, and the Pro option has a larger 12.2” screen. Have a look at our list of Samsung tablets, which includes both 16GB and 32GB capacity versions.

How To Sell Your Samsung Tab

If you’re thinking about trading in your Samsung tablet (or phablet), we’re keen to hear from you. From the stripped-back approach of the popular Tab 2 to the super-sophisticated Pro, we offer competitive rates for good quality Samsung Tabs (in UK format only). The prices will naturally be higher for models in very good condition that still have the original Samsung charger.
We’ve made it incredibly hassle-free to sell your Samsung Tab. To start with, simply check out the list above, and look for your model. A quick click takes you to the product page, where you’ll find out what we’re looking for in terms of condition. You’ll then get a competitive quote for your tablet. Can’t see your particular model? Don’t worry – there are a lot of different Samsung Tabs! Go to our “Cannot Find My Item” page and we can help you from there.

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